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I am a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA, studying Society, Technology, and Policy. I am also a global youth road safety advocate - in 2014, I founded the Vision Zero Youth Council (VZYC). The VZYC is a fully youth-led organization that educates youth on traffic safety, empowers them to become vocal activists for safer streets, and engages them in working with local schools, non-profits, and elected officials to reach their traffic safety goals.

Under my lead, the Vision Zero Youth Council holds monthly meetings to educate our members on traffic safety and how we could work together to not only raise awareness for the issue but also promote safer practices - for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians alike - and encourage stronger traffic laws. I continue to oversee the VZYC, and have recently helped create international chapters and partnerships. Our chapters can now be found in Massachusetts, Michigan, Rwanda, Nigeria, and the U.K, and we have partnerships with other non-profit organizations in Mali and Gambia!

My work in the field of road safety can also be highlighted by the multiple incredible opportunities I have had to travel across the world, sharing my experiences and learning from others. Most notably, I attended the 2nd World Youth Assembly and the 3rd Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm, Sweden this past February as a Youth Representative for the United States.

Furthermore, during my academic life, I have also involved myself on- and off- campus through various clubs, sports teams, community service, and with the school administration. In my free time, I paint, figure skate, and play soccer.


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Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities

Tampa, FL

3rd United Nations Ministerial Conference on Road Safety

Stockholm, Sweden

2nd World Youth Assembly on Road Safety

Stockholm, Sweden


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The Vision Zero Youth Council is a student-run organization based out of New York City that engages middle and high school students in working with local schools, elected officials, and other organizations in advocating and fighting for safer streets. I founded the Council in 2014 and led it until the summer of 2019, when I passed the torch to new activists.


During my Sophomore year of high school, I led a team of four to create a now-patented smartwatch app that alerts a pedestrian user if it detects cars moving towards them at unsafe speeds. As a National Winner, it won $120,000 for our school, and was featured on TV and in national media such as the Wall Street Journal.

I was a member of the NSBE Jr. Chapter at Brooklyn Technical High School, and was a part of the Chapter's executive board all four years. I held the positions of Publications Chair, Parliamentarian, Vice President, and Treasurer. I also participated in the National Try-Math-a-Lon competition, leading my team to a first-place victory at the 2018 National Convention.

In March of 2019, I traveled to Louisville, KY to speak at the annual Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities. I spoke on a panel of youth activists and shared my story, the lessons I have learned as a youth activist and as the founder and leader of the Vision Zero Youth Council, and my advice for those looking to work with youth.

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